Pass The Test Master Training

 Stop manifesting "The Opposite"!

I know how frustrating it is to work super hard on your manifestations... to be as positive and "high vibe" as possible... to try and let go so the manifestations come through... And then see the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you want unfolding in your 3D reality. 

It's exhausting and triggering. 

And when you're manifesting a big shift, you don't have time to be shaken out of the energy of your best-case scenario.

Your rock-solid confidence turns into doubt when this happens

Then the doubt manifests into the 3D reminding you of your powerlessness. 

The good news is, The Universe doesn't hate you, and yes, it has heard you.

In Pass The Test I show you how to not just ignore your 3D reality, but turn your negative experiences into gold!✨️

In this training you will learn:

💡How to PASS every test The Universe gives you so you can fully receive your manifestations

💡How and why you are tested by The Universe so you're always prepared when a test pops up

💡How to handle positive AND negative tests so that you don't "mess up" your manifestation. 

💡Everything you need to become unstoppable, no matter what the 3D throws at you.

The Pass The Test Master Training Includes:

  • 1+hour Recording download of the Master Training
  • Access to course material on Roxy Talks private network which can be streamed over the app
  • Private group of peers to connect with over insights and key takeaways 

What People Are Saying:

I had a huge breakthrough yesterday and I attribute it to taking the “pass the test” course. I manifested a more caring, loving, and supportive version of my boyfriend, and last night he full on apologized for EVERY time he was difficult, indifferent, hurtful, selfish or not loving enough. He spilled that I was the BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO HIM, and that I DESERVE ONLY THE BEST AND TO BE SPOILED! He confessed that I’m his forever, he wants to buy me a house, make me feel like his queen, and give me a gorgeous ring. All it took was practicing shooting down my self doubt EVERY time it reared its ugly head, and always trusting that NO MATTER WHAT HAS HAPPENED OR WHATS HAPPENING, IM GETTING WHAT I WANT! I was the only thing getting in my way, and I cut that shit out. I just had to LET HIM BE THE BEST VERSION, while ensuring that I WAS THE BEST VERSION AS WELL! THANK YOU, ROXY! 🥰🥳✨

Katie Williams

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