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I know you're tired of getting in your own way. I’ll show you how to eliminate your limitations and manifest your ideal reality.


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One-on-One Coaching

Private sessions are available on Thursdays & Fridays during the hours of 1:00 pm & 5:00 pm PST. 

Roxy's schedule is generally 2-3 weeks booked in advance. Please be aware before booking. Email [email protected] for questions regarding availability.

Join a workshop!

These popular self-starter courses and workshops are a great way to begin, if you’re not yet ready for personal coaching.

Manifest A Specific Person Workshop

Get to the bottom of your own limiting beliefs in love and relationships (and more!) This course is designed to help you dive DEEP and locate the source of your patterns and cycles so you can change your life, FOR GOOD!
Manifest TRUE Love!

Confident AF Self-Concept Workshop

If you could be any version of yourself, what would that look like? Uncover the root cause of your insecurities so you can show up in a more fulfilling, confident way. Step into your true potential and learn how to embody the YOU you've always wanted to be!


Become Your Best YOU!

30 Days of Alignment Bootcamp

30 Days of lessons and guidance to lead you on the path of total alignment with your Ideal Self. Aligning with your ideal version means you are able to beat your limiting beliefs and manifest all of the good things you want for yourself. Peace, love, positivity and abundance await!


Overhaul Your Life

Scripting Bundle

Master the incredibly powerful and transformative practice of Scripting. Learn my best tips and tricks and rewrite the story of your life in the process. Scripting has the power to rapidly transform your life. Are you ready?


Rewrite Your Story

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Roxy Lee, and I'm a mindset coach. I help my clients transform their negative thoughts and limiting beliefs so they can bring love, clarity, and joy into their lives!


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