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The only reason you don’t have what you want is because you are convinced that you don’t! Fear, doubt, insecurity and worry are all masks we use to hide the true source of our pain:


The separation between who we truly are and who we think we have to be.


I know what it's like to want something so badly but have no idea how to get it. To think you are unworthy of achieving what you truly want, or worse, believing it's actually impossible for you. But the only things that are truly impossible are the things you label as impossible.

That’s the biggest lesson of all. That the world we each live in is created solely in our own minds. 

My private clients have seen wild success from applying the concepts included in the 360 Method. It's your turn to get your hands on them.

Create the Life of Your Dreams!

A FULL transformation IS possible, I've done it myself...

Three years ago I was stuck at a soul-sucking job. I desperately wanted to start my own business and guide people to create their dream lives. But I hadn't even created mine yet. It was an absolute crossroads in my life. 

The longer I waited to make the hard decision to leave my job, the longer the people I was destined to help would have to wait. You were waiting for ME to uplevel my own life, so I could help you with yours.
I'm so glad I took the leap.

… And it was in that very process of quitting my job, with no safety net, that I came up with my own method, which I still use to this very day, to help me achieve everything I set my eyes on.


The 360˚ Method is a comprehensive program designed to help you radically change your negative habits and unwanted traits, while simultaneously bringing your life’s desires to fruition.

The 360˚ Method will show you how to identify the actual source of negative cycles and teach you how to stop them in their tracks. You don’t have to keep repeating the past. You deserve so much better!

The 360˚ Method

Eliminate Self Sabotage

Transform Your Mind

Live your Dream Life!

Here’s how the 360˚ Method has helped other people like you...

Here’s how the 360˚ Method has helped other people like you...

Here’s how the 360˚ Method has helped other people like you...


This is how YOU will create your dream life using The 360˚Method:

 ✨ Silence your obsessive thoughts

✨Wipe out your old and destructive habits

✨Identify your own personal brand of self sabotage

✨Eliminate troublesome subconscious limiting beliefs

✨Learn to get out of your same old cycles

✨Build self-esteem and trust in yourself

✨Find out how to manifest your exact desires

✨Create an easy to follow path straight to your goals

✨Learn how to keep the good things you manifest


The 360˚ Method is your ticket to absolute mastery of your manifestational power and your ability to create any life you desire. Not only will you learn how to manifest at an expert level, you’ll also learn how to turn that skill into a lifestyle that naturally and easily brings to you everything that you desire.


Imagine what life would be like if you were a MASTER of...

★ Setting boundaries for yourself and the people in your life


★ Dealing with your emotional lows


★ Treating yourself kindly during negative experiences


★ Ignoring your usual triggers so they no longer get to you


★ Keeping a positive attitude no matter what is happening around you

What my clients are saying...


My experience with Roxy Lee’s 360˚ Method has been nothing but amazing. A complete game changer. When you discover the laws of attraction and assumption you are usually coming into because you are looking to heal from some kind of trauma, could be love, could be financial. Whatever puts you on this path you soon discover there is more to life and you have so much control over your life! The 360 approach really dives in to focusing on all areas of your life. It helps you create patterns and routines to not only help you get your desires but to calm your life and have an amazing experience and journey.  You don’t have 1 area in your life, you have many! To be well rounded and balanced you should focus on them all. Start your day by meditating. Affirm throughout the day to keep thoughts under control, end the day with more meditation and scripting so you can go to sleep in a calm state and reprogram your subconscious. I found Roxy in a place of complete desperation and chaos. My life is falling into place, I have deeper peace then I ever have, I am truly happy and a big part was focusing on the whole package. I can’t say enough about the concept behind 360!


Roxy is one of the greatest of all time.

From understanding her 360˚ Method, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that I’ve applied in my own life.

Since I started consistently using Roxy’s methods - my income has increased dramatically, my SP is a totally different version of herself than the one she was before I met Roxy, and I’m just incredibly peaceful, relaxed and super confident about my future!

Are you ready to totally transform your life?

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Here's what's in the program...

✨ 8 Weeks of Video Lesson Modules


✨ Weekly Transformational

 Homework for each Module


✨ 8 Inspirational Affirmation MP3s (one 15 minute track per Module)


✨ 8 Guided Meditations (one 30 minute track per Module)


✨Written Transcripts of each Module


✨Lifetime Access!

✨8 Weeks of Video Lesson Modules


✨Weekly Transformational Homework for each Module


✨8 Inspirational Affirmation MP3s (one 15 minute track per Module)


✨8 Guided Meditations (one 30 minute track per Module)


✨Written Transcripts of each Module


✨Lifetime Access!


Module 1:

Your Personal Brand of Self-Sabotage:

In this module, you will diagnose your current limitations and behavioral patterns that cause you distance between yourself and what you want.

Module 2:

Getting Real With Your Desires

In this module, you will break through insecurity, modesty, expectation, fear, worry & doubt in order to find and get comfortable expressing your true desires.

Module 3:

The Honesty Module


In this module, you will get brutally honest with yourself about what you are doing every single day to sabotage your successes.

Module 4:

Action Plan


In this module, you will create your new set of thoughts and behaviors that will lead you toward your desired reality.

Module 5:

Installing The New Program

In this module, you will learn how to make this process a habit and discipline that you will carry throughout the rest of your life!


Module 6:

Confronting Your Triggers

In this module, you will learn how to redirect your responses to old triggers, while lessening your exposure to them, as well.

Module 7:

Don't Get Caught Slipping

In this module, you will learn the tools necessary for navigating the ups and downs that come along with major change.

Module 8:

Shaping Your New Normal

In this module, you will learn how to keep this lifestyle going FOREVER, upgrading your story as you make progress. Long-term maintenance is crucial for the exponential growth possible with 360°!


Transform Your Life with The 360˚Method

and be the YOU you've always

wanted to be!


The 360˚ Method will guide you step by step as you shed your unproductive traits and build new, life-changing habits!

You deserve this. You deserve something better than what you’ve experienced before… even if your life has been pretty good so far… don’t you want it to be incredible? 



Each module takes you deep into your core truth, as this is the fertile breeding ground from which your manifestations stem, and shows you how to cultivate a new truth that will begin manifesting in your world immediately.


You will learn exactly why you’ve manifested everything that you’ve experienced in your life up until now. You will also learn how to steer yourself away from the things that cause you pain and stress.


You will release the deep-seated, unconscious limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and keeping you away from what you want in life. You will also learn what it takes to create an entirely new landscape for your life and how to achieve it through manifestation.


Each module is accompanied by comprehensive and thorough homework assignments designed to help you become an expert at knowing yourself and knowing how to make what you want happen.


You will also receive eight affirmation tracks and guided meditations specific to the teachings of each module so you can address your subconscious mind directly!

✨ 8 Weeks of Video Lesson Modules

✨ Weekly Transformational Homework For Each Module

📣Course Bonuses🎉

✨ 4 Group Calls  (Q&A w/Roxy) & 1 Hangout


(Held via zoom. Recordings available in the course after 48 hours)

✨A Private Community with your follow 360˚ fam

(Get support from people just like you!)

✨Miracle Year Mini-Course

(A 365-day plan for creating your ideal year)

✨ Mental Diet Mini-Course

(Over 6 hours of content to perfect your Mental Diet) 

✨Scripting Bundle

(All of my best tips and practices for writing your dreams into existence)

✨ Best Day Ever Album + PDFs

(Affirmations for morning, noon, and night!)

THIS could be You...


Hi Roxy I would like to let you know that The 360˚ Method has undoubtedly turned my life around. The reason is that while I had a grasp of the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction for a few years, I wasn’t successful in applying it to all areas of my life. I would see certain hurdles as insurmountable, and I would shy away from taking on opportunities out of a feeling of fear and safety. I felt that I had a “positive outlook” for LOA purposes. However, your militant approach to the Law of Attraction was beneficial. To review your state of feelings and thoughts from time to time and to immediately flip limiting beliefs or doubts in all aspects of life seemed like a novel idea. However, after some analysis and critical thinking, this approach is entirely consistent with studies into quantum physics. Your scientific explanation highlighted to me the notion that we are constantly creating our world in all areas of life. The power of improving self-concept and having unwavering faith in The Universe is the key to all of this. The notion that the Law of Attraction requires work or effort merely accentuates that it is not working in one’s favour!


After working with Roxy and applying her method, I began to see results and feel extra powerful! Her 360˚ Method  unlocked some things within me that I wasn’t aware of. Roxy is so attentive and understanding & most importantly - we had so many laughs! It was super fun!! Afterward, I took all of Roxy’s suggestions, and now I have many opportunities in front of me! I know even more are on the way! I feel safer, loved, and more confident than I ever have. All areas of my life especially, my love life, are all coming together nicely. I’m enjoying every second of it! Now when triggers come up, I know exactly how to handle them. It’s so beautiful!!! I’m forever grateful that my path crossed with Roxy’s! I also appreciate having the session recordings as I get different messages and viewpoints each time I watch. I definitely recommend! Lots of extra love, joy, & blessings to all who read this. And as Roxy always says “I love you! You have the POWER! I believe in YOU!!”

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Upon completion of this course you will have:

 ✨100% clarity on your own habits which push away the things that you want


✨An extremely clear vision of what it is you actually do want to experience in life


✨The ability to observe your own thoughts and behavior in a non-judgmental way


✨A detailed and clear path that will take you from your current starting point to any desired reality of your choosing


✨Lifelong skills that will become your own powerful manifesting process


✨The ability to handle life’s triggers in a way that does not derail your progress or allow you to spiral into negative thinking


✨Understanding of how to change any trait you don’t like, which will lead to new outcomes


✨Knowing how to perpetuate this in your world for LIFETIME positive change!





Recap of what's included in The 360˚ Method:


✨8 Weeks of Video Lesson Modules
✨Weekly Transformational Homework for each Module
✨8 Inspirational Affirmation MP3s (one 15 minute track per Module)
✨8 Guided Meditations (one 30 minute track per Module)
✨Written Transcripts of each Module
✨Lifetime Access!


Plus these⚡️INCREDIBLE Bonuses: 


BONUS: 8 Group Calls (4 Q&A w/Roxy & 4 Study Groups w/Leigh-Ann)

BONUS: A Private Community with your follow 360˚ fam

BONUS: Miracle Year Mini-Course

BONUS: Mental Diet Mini-Course

BONUS: Scripting Bundle

BONUS: Best Day Ever album + PDFs




Transform Your Life with The 360˚Method

and be the YOU you've always

wanted to be!

How would you feel to have results like this?


I’ve known about manifestation for over a decade and attracted a few things over the years( including the love of my life). Things that I’ve been able to believe I could attract. 

   Listening to Roxy explaining that you can change which version of your specific persn to engage with, seemed so impossible. But I wrote an affirmation. Once I realized that it worked and I had done something I thought was impossible by only speaking about it as I wanted it to be, I felt unstoppable!

   Meanwhile my body had been having trouble this year. Then my new belief in the power of my words came in and saved my life. When I didn’t see the results yet I would say. “ yay it’s working! This symptom is better, that symptom is better...” I even bought myself a congratulatory card to celebrate my newfound health.  

      I still have ups and downs and have since been blessed with finding answers to what’s been causing the issues in the first place. Knowing this, now I can make simple dietary changes and stay healthy all the time. I meditate daily and try to keep my story tight. My life is almost completely normal and so much happier because of learning and applying Roxy’s 360˚ Method.


What your peers are saying...

I believe in this program so much and am so committed to delivering you a powerful, transformative experience that I am proud to offer you this fulfillment promise

If you dive into the modules and complete your homework, but decide this course is not for you, you have 7 days from the purchase date to email us at [email protected], with proof of course work completed and we will refund your investment.

Your success is of utmost importance to me because I know when you realize just how worthy you are of what you want, your world will open up for you.

You deserve to have it all and it is my intention to give you the tools to stand in that truth for yourself.

You have the power, I believe in you! It’s time to live the life you truly desire. You owe it to yourself to do everything you can to make your dreams a reality. When you put your own fulfillment and satisfaction first, everything else falls into place. You can begin that life today.

I know you are ready for that missing piece, that spark in life, 360 is that spark. Take the chance and I’ll see you in the program.

By purchasing you are agreeing to these Terms of Service.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

"I've gained so much more confidence in myself since taking this course! Knowing that I have been the one holding myself back in the past and that I'm truly in control of what happens moving forward, I feel like I actually have the power to create and experience the life I want to live. I also feel like I'm in a better mental place to manage the challenges life throws at me in a positive and productive way, knowing I have the tools and everything is going to work out in the best way possible. Roxy's teachings have impacted all areas of my life in unimaginable ways, and I recommend this course to anyone wanting to upgrade their confidence to the next levels of fulfillment!"

- Becca

About Roxy


Roxy is a Motivational Coach, Speaker and Musician, who founded the Roxy Talks Show and Roxy Talks Manifestation Podcast with a goal to help millions of people understand their true power as conscious creators of their reality, so they can manifest the life of their dreams.


As a result, she has helped thousands of clients transform their lives for the better. Her clients have started booming businesses, met their soulmates, started families and found true love within themselves.

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2 Month Plan

2 Monthly Payments

2 x $555


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3 Month Plan

3 Monthly Payments

3 x $377


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