Activate Your Power!

A 6-Day Journey Through a Portal To An Abundant, Exciting New Year!


Leave the habit of agonizing over your manifestations and trying way too hard in 2022. Finally accomplish your intentions and bring your biggest desires to fruition!

This Group Program will help you say "goodbye" to 2022 with reverence and love while cultivating an energy of excitement to welcome in 2023 with a BANG!


One cycle ends and another begins, and this will act as your catalyst to open up massive potential!

Leave your fear and uncertainty in 2022, while activating the energy that will kickstart your year into massive success.

Take control of your future by harnessing the energies gathering momentum within.


Don't just create an unenthusiastic list of resolutions you'll drop 3 weeks in. ACTIVATE your true potential and step into a whole new world of possibilities!

When persistence meets belief, you create magic... More powerful than you've ever wielded, and results become astronomical.


During this 6-day program, we will delve into 6 different energies that will quantum shift you to a massively upgraded New Year.

Each session will include:

Live Teaching

Group Coaching/Q&A

...and a Live Activation (a powerful meditation that will help you open a portal to your highest desires!)


Only 41% of people create resolutions for the New Year and only 8% of them actually succeed in achieving them. Let's make our own statistics. Let's succeed together, 100%.

Are you IN? 

Yes! I'm Ready For A Powerful 2023

During Our 6-Day Group Program We Will:


✨Crystalize your intentions for 2023 and create an action plan detailing HOW you'll achieve genuine success.

✨Discover how to execute a strategy for the new year positioning you into a place of POWER.

 Transmute your fear of the unknown into anticipation of the spectacular things to come!

✨Flourish in a container built for RELEASING 2022, priming yourself for success in 2023.

✨Learn to place your power BACK into your own hands and actualize your ambitions into reality!


What's Included In The Program:

  • 6 LIVE Group Sessions, each focused on aiding you in gracefully letting go of 2022 and powerfully welcoming in the energy of 2023.
  • Sessions will consist of teaching, coaching, and live activations. 
  • Private group of your peers to encourage, support, and uplift one another through the duration of the program and beyond!
  • BONUS: Immediate download of Gratitude VIBES by Roxy bundle containing a daily guidebook, meditations, affirmations, rampages, ringtones, and more to help you cultivate the feeling of gratitude and attract more blessings into your life! (an $88 value!)


This Group Program convenes daily via zoom Tuesday, December 6th through Thursday, December 8thand then again Tuesday, December 13th through Thursday, December 15th. It is designed to help activate you in the highest so you can finish 2022 strong and meet 2023 as your most POWERFUL self!

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