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SYNERGY is for the dreamers, the doers, the dedicated, the determined... Those ready to do whatever it takes to achieve their big, wild dreams.

This is your space. This is your support. This is your accountability. This is where you will grow into the person you're meant to become!

This is where it ALL goes down!

This is every program and training to date available the moment you sign up!

That’s HOURS of ground-breaking life-elevating content you’ll have immediate and unlimited access to.

SYNERGY isn’t just courses and programs. It’s world-class support. It’s community like you’ve never experienced. It’s being in the room with incredibly powerful humans who are creating success after success in their lives.

This is your family, your cheerleaders, the people you can turn to who truly understand your manifestations. People who won’t judge you or look at you sideways when you say “I have Billion Dollar Dreams.”

SYNERGY is where you stop playing pretend and start creating massive shifts in your life and in your business.

This isn’t the slow lane. This isn’t for non-action-takers. This is your ticket to more fans, more sales, more freedom.

SYNERGY also gives you the opportunity for high-level mentorship with me at a super-low rate.

My close-proximity coaching is $10k per month. With SYNERGY you’ll have opportunities for direct contact with me every single month through several different virtual events and group coaching calls.

Please know that entering this space requires a minimum commitment of 6 months.

SYNERGY is for those who understand that long-term change requires sticking to the journey.

If you are looking for a quick fix, please see one of my phenomenally powerful online courses that will give you some tactical tips you can begin applying today.

However, if you are looking beyond your next quick win, and you have big dreams and multiple goals that need time and attention to refine, your success will be cultivated here. We can’t wait to welcome you!

What you'll get...

  • INSTANT access to ALL of my Courses, Workshops, Meditations & Affirmations! 
  • Exciting and interactive LIVE Group Experiences throughout the year!
  • A hot-seat Group Coaching call with me every single month!
  • Exclusive SYNERGY ONLY online events throughout the year
  • A private space to communicate with your fellow Visionaries who will be with you every step of your journey! 
  • Support like you've never experienced before with BIG Dreamers JUST LIKE YOU!
  • and so much more...

✨BONUS: Membership into my Big Beautiful Dreams Club which is chock full of strategy and mindset trainings to help you move the needle in your business FAST❤️‍🔥


These are just the "things" you get when you sign up. But really what SYNERGY is is a ticket to your dream life. 

Because we get together so often, members make leaps and bounds in very short amounts of time.

If you've ever experienced a setback after making positive progress, you know how crucial it is to stay on track in those moments so you can keep succeeding.

This is how you'll do it. With repetition, support, accountability, trust, and FUN!

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SYNERGY will not officially open until September 1st. That is when you can access ALL of the courses, workshops, and program content. However, you WILL have access to your Exclusive Bonus Meditations AND you will be invited to a Private Live Stream Chat with Roxy, EXCLUSIVELY for SYNERGY Pre-Sale Members.

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